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How to organize a kitchen in 4 steps

The kitchen environment is very cozy and quiet, so it is usually the place where everyone gathers to talk, eat, do homework, etc. It is the ideal space for meetings with members of the household, family and friends after the room.

The kitchen is usually the central place in the home; However, due to its multiple functionalities, it is the environment where more disorder accumulates on a daily basis and if it is not controlled, you may need a secure warehouse to help you with the organization of this and other rooms.

The storage units have several functions, one of which is to be your best ally in the organization of space in your home. In the same way, the kitchen is the heart of the home and is the best space to achieve pleasant meetings. Take care of the Kitchen storage ideas of this cozy environment by following these 4 steps to organize your kitchen.

1. Set a time limit

The time it takes to organize your kitchen will depend on the size of your kitchen and the amount of clutter present. Generally, it should take only a few hours to fix, in other cases this could increase to almost a whole day and in rare cases, it can even take a whole month. Don’t worry, the important thing is that when you start organizing you commit yourself to finishing this work, as well as establishing a deadline to carry it out.

If it has been a long time since you last organized this environment, you can start small with a cabinet or cupboard and test your times, it may take longer than it seems!

It is important to only address what you think you can finish in the time you are going to designate. Ideally, set schedules to organize one part or another, otherwise you could increase the disorder to the point that it will seem endless. Check the time you have available, set a timer and start the job.

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2. Get rid of unnecessary objects

Despite being one of the places most prone to getting cluttered, the kitchen is usually one of the “simplest” rooms to tidy up. This is because in this space there are objects that are not usually very emotionally attached. In general, functionality is evaluated more than any other aspect, so it is quite evident when a kitchen item is needed and when it is not.

In addition, having given or discarded an object, kitchen items are generally easy to get or borrow for the occasion when you need them. Try to think about optimizing the space when you are doing this process, as well as in the rest of the activities so that organizing your kitchen is much simpler.

3. Completely empty the space

It may seem like a lot of work, but completely emptying the space you are organizing will definitely pay off. Taking all the items out of your drawers and shelves will really allow you to see how many things you have in storage and which of them you really want to keep. Once the space is empty, it is easier to see the different ways that you could work your organization plan. 

4. Divide and classify

As you empty the items from the shelves or drawers, we recommend classifying them into 5 categories: trash, recycling, donations, they belong elsewhere, and they will stay with you. Keep your recycling bags and bins on hand, so you can place items directly into them. It will be the most recommended way to optimize time. 

Find a large box to store your donated items. Use a basket or laundry hamper to collect any items you find in the kitchen that belong elsewhere in the house. Sort all the items to be kept in similar categories. 

If you have many objects to store, and you do not have space in your home; Or you want to remodel your kitchen furniture, consider renting a warehouse to keep it safe.

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