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Medication usage of methyl cellulose

What is methyl cellulose 

Methyl cellulose is basically a chemical substance frequently used as a thickening agent in foods like bread and ice cream. It is very well known in the food industry as one of the plant-based additives. Since it is plant based, it is safe to be consumed and even used widely in medication related areas. It is used as a relief for constipation mainly and for other underlying issues under the same category. 

Functionality of Methyl Cellulose

Methylcellulose is a laxative that forms a bulk by increasing the water content of your faeces, which softens and makes them easier to pass. Constipation is treated with methylcellulose, which also promotes regular bowel movements. There are additional uses for methylcellulose that aren’t covered in this medicine guide.This medication can be bought in drug stores and over the counter pharmacies. However there are certain conditions to which this methylcellulose is not advisable to be taken. Some of the condition would be:

  • – Stomach ache followed by vomiting or nausea
  • – Constipated for a longer period of time
  • – Have trouble swallowing
  • – If you are pregnant or currently breastfeeding (consult a doctor before taking it) 
  • – Have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) 
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After care of the Methyl cellulose medication 

Although specific medication is often available in the form of powder and in order to consume it you would need to mix the powder in a glass of water. Once you have consumed the medicated mixture it is advised to consume another glass of water. This is to ensure that you have enough liquid to swallow the medication down your throat or else it may swell and cause choking. Elderlies especially should not skip this step. This laxative has the tendency to trigger allergic syndrome like swelling of face, lips, tongue and also rashes in parts of your body. So if you face any of the mentioned symptoms you would need to seek medical help immediately. 

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It is usually taken about one to three times per day as needed by your body and as advised by your doctor. Do bare in mind to not overuse the laxative as it may result in nerve, muscle or tissue damage. Let’s say if you happen to experience chest pain or difficulty breathing after consuming the medication, seek medical emergency immediately. To ensure if the medicine you consumed worked, a bowel movement should occur within the day itself or within 3 days of the consumption. 

Other uses of Methyl cellulose 

In recent times some industries found out that methyl cellulose to be a useful tool for binding and thickening materials in plant-based goods as it is able to simulate a meaty texture. It has gotten a very good response from people as  it stands as a great meat alternative. Now that more malaysians are turning to becoming vegetarians and vegans, methyl cellulose malaysia is acknowledged and used everywhere especially in the food industry. It is a rather convenient option in creating vegetarian food. 

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