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Types of internet services

We cannot stress enough about how the internet rules the world in today’s era. The internet benefits people in many ways and it became an essential part of our lives. With the growth of the internet, internet service is provided in many types and every type has its own way of functioning and advantages for people. You can buy internet services that suit your needs and want. This article will state all the types of internet services in the market.

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Wi-fi service

We can start the article with the most famous internet service. Wifi can be used in places that have multiple devices in the usage of internet services. Wifi is also known as wireless technology with devices that can connect with it and use internet services. It works by the radio signal system which allows the internet to connect with the nearest devices. Wi-fi can be used with both wire and cable connected to the router of the Wifi. Wi-fi can be protected with the usage of passwords that you can create on your own. Hence, only people with passwords can use the wifi services. If it is open for everyone, anybody can use it without having to provide a password. It is important to buy wi-fi with high bandwidth for better service. 

Internet from mobile or cellular internet

Mobile internet works with the help of cellular internet service. Hence, you can use mobile internet as long as there is a cellular network around the area. The mobile internet will be available to you in many plans. You can choose how many GB of the internet you want for a month or a week and you have to pay a certain amount every month or weekly. The plans provided to you will be according to each telco you are using and the plans they provided for you. You can simply turn on your mobile data feature on your smartphone and start using it.


Broadbands were very much popular before the rise of Wi-fi. Broadband works like a pen drive which you can insert inside your laptop or computer for internet services. The broadband also will be filled with a certain amount and you have to pay for it every month. Broadband is preferred by many as it is portable and you can bring it anywhere you want. You can stay online as much as you want with broadband internet. Time broadband Jom Apply Malaysia provides some quality broadband internet service for you.

Digital Subscriber Line

This is a type of internet where you can connect them with the telephone line. The internet can be used by connecting it with the telephone line. It is different from the vintage internet service that is connected to the telephone. Even though they are interconnected it will not interrupt the internet services when the telephone gets ringed up. 

Internet from satellite

The unique thing about cable internet is you can use it without the router or any cable connected to it. The cable internet works with the help of satellites dish. You can connect it with the devices.

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