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Be safe at the kitchen while applying these tips

Cooking and kitchen tasks are inextricably linked. Cooking can undeniably improve one’s mood while also strengthening family ties. However, most injuries in the kitchen are the result of carelessness, such as accidentally putting non-microwavable tableware in the microwave, letting the food on the fire without surveillance that can cause fire and accidents which VESDA system Malaysia can be really helpful. As a result, we would like to share some kitchen safety tips in this article to ensure everyone’s safety!

Learn how to properly use a knife

The first safety tip we’d like to emphasise is that you should learn how to use a knife properly and use the appropriate knife for different foods. Sharp knives, as opposed to dull knives, are less likely to slip and cut you. Although knives in nature are already dangerous and can harm people, sharp knives will help you cut the food precisely and smoothly. This can help you avoid injuring yourself by preventing you from cutting something with great force and repeated strong movement.

Remember to sharpen your knives with Schärferstein if you notice the slicing or cutting process isn’t as smooth as it used to be or if you’ve used them a lot. These simple steps can help you stay safe while also saving time and energy in the kitchen. On a final note, please choose the best knife for various foods. In other words, cutting and chopping garlic cloves with a meat cleaver is somehow not a recommended method.

Keep raw meat, fruits, and vegetables on a separate cutting board

We understand that you want to save time and energy by not doing extra dishes or chores in the kitchen, so we sometimes use a similar cutting board to slice or cut different types of food. However, for the sake of one’s health, this practise should be discontinued. Did you know that using the same cutting board for meat, fruits, and vegetables can be harmful to your health? Cross-contamination can increase your chances of getting salmonella by using a similar cutting board for different types of food!

The USDA suggests us to prepare different cutting boards for different types of food. Using two different cutting boards is a good step. If you must use the same cutting board, it is best to chop fruits and vegetables first, then thoroughly wash them with soap and hot water before preparing and slicing meats on them.

Learn to extinguish fire properly

When dealing with fire, keep in mind that there are always high risks of injury and danger! In accordance with the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 172,000 residential cooking fires occur annually in the United States. Every household is strongly advised to keep a fire extinguisher in their kitchen at all times and learn how to use it so that they can act quickly. Aside from that, please avoid putting non-microwavable tableware in the microwave to avoid a fire.

Remember that always simply cooking activities or carelessness can cause accidents. Beware and be alert!

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