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Internet plan for your home? Jom Apply unifi fibre plan! 

In this technology world it will be strange for the person doesn’t have the internet in their house. Some of them might think that the Internet plan is a price to pay for them. Also they are still single and do not have a stable job yet, it will be hard for them. They think that the Internet is not important compared to food or other things. To find an affordable Internet, there are actually many places. One of the Internet plans is Jom Apply unifi fibre plan

What is that Internet plan? An Internet plan is the thing that will distribute the Internet to your home. So they need some plan for it and need to pay them monthly. Jom Apply unifi fibre plan, the affordable Internet plan for those that are still single or have family. Both of these kinds of people can support paying them monthly. In Malaysia Unifi is the most famous because it can be accessed anywhere and it is also easy to connect at all places.

Also affordable prices that make people love to use them. Jom Apply unifi fibre plan, from the name of course it will use cable to connect to the Internet outside. It is more used for the landed house because it can easily connect the fibre to another place. More recommended is fiber WiFi because it can make easy connections between people who use it. Also it will be faster than other WiFi because it will connect to cable outside. 

Not the best thing about Internet cable


So in case you want to use the WiFi at another place but you cannot because it was wired. You can’t bring the WiFi like wireless WiFi. Need to reinstall the wiring at that place. It cannot be brought when you travel and it will make it so hard. When the wireless WiFi even needed to be plugged in, it could plug anywhere. For internet cable you need to use it just at that specific place. 

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Also just there the internet will be fast because if you go far from them, it will be slow. Still it was good when you were around the WiFi because it still can be faster. So just the expandability is not that good because you cannot bring it anywhere. It will be fine for the people who are introverted because they will just stay at home. When you go anywhere and rarely come back home, it’s better not to have an Internet cable. 


For this case, usually the person from the brand will come to the house and help to install it. But if your wire has a problem you need to call them and pay it more. The reason is we cannot install it ourselves so we need a professional person to do it for us. It can make us release more money to pay them. We cannot fix it by yourself if it was related to wire. Also for the apartment house it was not recommend to have internet cable because it can cause trouble for installation. 

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