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New Mother Nursing Products as The Best Postnatal Care to Speed Up Healing

Did you know Postnatal care needs to be done to speed up the healing of wounds in the vagina, abdomen, and prevent complications after childbirth. That’s why we need new mother nursing products! What’s that? What are the Best Benefits?

Not only children, mothers also need intensive care after the completion of the delivery process. Because, changes will continue to occur in the mother’s body. Post-natal care needs to be done, so that the mother can recover well, physically and mentally.

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General Postnatal Care

After giving birth, you need adequate rest, like sleep after delivery, mothers need adequate rest. For both normal delivery and cesarean section, there are several things that need to be done to speed up the recovery process, namely by carrying out the following postpartum care:

Get enough rest

After giving birth, try to get plenty of rest. Childbirth is a laborious process. So, make sure you can “get revenge” to make up for your lost sleep. When you just have a baby, it’s not easy to steal time to sleep. Your little one still wakes up every two to three hours to feed. So, to catch a break, sleep while your baby is sleeping.

Don’t hesitate to ask the people closest to you for help

Being a new mother is not easy. So, don’t hesitate to ask for help from people around to help the process of postnatal care. Including doing other things such as cleaning the house, cooking, or shopping for daily needs. Meanwhile, focus your energy on caring for your newborn baby.

Eat healthy food

Eating a healthy diet can help speed up the recovery process. Therefore, for the time being, avoid unhealthy foods such as fast food or packaged foods that contain a lot of sugar and salt. Eat healthier foods such as whole grains, vegetables and fruit, and protein. You also need to increase your fluid intake by consuming lots of water, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Start exercising

Of course, exercise that can be done by new mothers is not strenuous exercise, such as cardio exercise. If your doctor has allowed you to start physical activity, do light exercises such as walking around the house. Looking at the surrounding scenery after just being indoors for a while, can make you more refreshed and energized.

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How long does it take for a normal delivery mother to recover?

The recovery time for normal childbirth is certainly different. However, generally the normal postpartum recovery time is 2-6 weeks. In the recovery phase, the body will expel blood and extra tissue remnants from the uterus. Stitches or tears in the vagina will also gradually heal during the first week. Even though you can recover quickly, entering the 6th week, you still need to get yourself checked to make sure your body remains healthy and recovers optimally.

“In Addition Postpartum care needs to be done for every mother after giving birth. Couples must also fully support, so that the recovery period can take place well. To speed up postnatal care, don’t forget to check with your doctor regularly, to make sure there are no current or future complications.”

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