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Breast Milk Storage Bags Malaysia: How to Choose The Best One?

For mothers, the existence of Breast Milk Storage Bags Malaysia is certainly a helper. A breast milk bag is a special container made to store breast milk. With this, you can express breast milk and store it in the freezer for later consumption by the baby. The presence of this tool certainly makes mothers become more relaxed and efficient in their lives.

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What Exactly is Breast Milk Storage Bags Malaysia?

Breast milk bags are plastic bags specially designed for storing breast milk. Because it is specially designed, it is certain that this product is safe for later consumption of breast milk for the little one. This bag can even be stored in the freezer. The advantage of breast milk bags is that they are practical to use because there is no need to spend time washing them first. In addition, there are breast milk bags that are sold with thick material and are equipped with a zip-lock so that they are anti-tight, and are protected from bacterial contamination. This type of bag also saves more space because the size and shape are slimmer so they are easy to tidy up in the freezer. Mothers are also easier to label the volume and time of breast milk in the bag.

Why We Must Choose Breast Milk Storage Bags Malaysia?

Storing breast milk in a bag has benefits for both mother and baby. Breast milk bags make it easy for you to carry everywhere, especially when you want to travel. In addition, storing breast milk in a bag is easier to pour into a bottle and does not take up space. The process of cooling and freezing using breast milk bags is also relatively faster, when compared to glass bottles. However, if you want to thaw, breast milk bags are much faster, because these packages are not heat resistant, so breast milk can be used directly.

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How to Choose The Best One?

Consider the Material

One way to choose breast milk plastic bags is to consider the material. Make sure the breast milk bag product has a thick material. This is very important so that the expressed breast milk does not leak easily when it is dropped or is in a tilted position. In addition, it is also important to choose an airtight material so that the quality of expressed breast milk can be maintained so that it is not contaminated with bacteria that can cause sick children.

Comes with Size Label

Breast milk plastic bags should be equipped with labels to include information on the name, time, and date of expressed breast milk. The goal is to make it easier to choose which breast milk can be given to the child first. In addition, try to choose a breast milk plastic bag that has a volume size (ml) in its design. With this, you can know the results of which expressed breast milk should be given to the baby first.

There are BPA Free and Food Grade labels

Maybe you are already familiar with the BPA free and food grade labels in plastic utensils. Now, in choosing a plastic breast milk bag, it is also important to choose a BPA free and food grade label so that the breast milk storage plastic is safe to use and avoids exposure to chemicals.

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