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The Rapid Development Of Technology

Technology has seen a rapid growth in recent years. We went from flip phones with dial buttons to smartphones with touch screens and more accessibility to online services and applications. This advancement of technology has shifted our lifestyle as we rely on these new tablets and smartphones to consume entertainment and perform work with much more ease. Most companies are adapting to the new changes to enhance their efficiency and productivity by implementing the use of these new, advanced technologies. However, its quick rise to fame has created new problems for adults to handle.

With the rise of social media recently, most aspiring web designers and content writers want to join social media companies malaysia has as social media is becoming more important as a platform for not only entertainment, but for businesses as well. Smartphone users are using social media to communicate, share their daily activities and post pictures to gain “likes” as a means to boost their self-confidence and acknowledgement that people are paying attention to your content. However, this has created unhealthy habits exhibited in teenagers as they would constantly seek attention and communicate with their friends online. Most of these users would display a more rebellious personality as they would divert their attention from education. If left unsupervised, these teenagers will eventually end up participating in dangerous activities and habits if they are left uneducated about the dangers. 

As the internet starts to change and more applications are being developed, children and teenagers are learning to use smartphones and tablets to consume their daily dose of entertainment. But, parents must always supervise their children’s browsing history and filter contents that they have access to as the internet is an extremely dangerous place that users can browse almost anything and achieve in the internet. When children are playing games on their parents’ devices, they might be offered a deal to receive more in-game currency if they pay money. Because of their naivety, most children would spend their parents’ money to purchase in-game currencies and cosmetic items without realizing that the games they are playing use real money. 

On the bright side, the rapid growth of our technology has allowed more opportunities for the development of even more advanced technology like virtual and augmented reality. Although virtual reality is now possible, it is not as heavily used by most common households as it requires specific gears to utilize virtual reality which is also expensive. Despite that, virtual reality has made its way to the market for both common and commercial uses to enhance the users’ experience. Pokemon GO is one of the few games that implemented augmented reality as it allows players to catch pokemon by walking around their neighbourhood and certain areas to fight gym battles. However, augmented reality is far underdeveloped than virtual reality as it is used for mostly games and commercial uses. In the near future, we may see augmented reality becoming available for common uses and change our lifestyle.

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