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Things That You Need To Be Attention About Fume Hoods

A laboratory is a place that is now owned by primary and secondary schools. And there are some courses that will need to be conducted in the laboratory, such as chemistry classes, biology classes.

And there is one thing that is a piece of must-have equipment in the laboratory which is a fume hood. So in the below articles, I will introduce what is fume hood and the important things that people need to be attentive to while going inside the laboratory and when they are using the fume hoods.

So, what is fume hood?

In the laboratory, fume hoods are the most common form of exposure control. A fume hood is a vented enclosure that is not recirculated into the building and vents independently from the building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. When working with dangerous substances or compounds having a boiling point below 120°C, fume hoods should be employed. When the materials employed in the laboratory may exceed exposure limitations, fume hoods or other adequate local ventilation must be installed and used. All in all, a fume hood is very important and necessary to a laboratory. 

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Below are the important things that people need to be attentive to while going inside the laboratory and using the fume hoods.

Pay attention to the directions.

It’s critical and important to pay attention, listen, and be aware of everything going on around you when you are inside the laboratory. The experimental tasks, steps, and safeguards should be fully established before entering the laboratory. Before starting the experiment, double-check that all of the materials are present; during the experiment, the experimental supplies should be nicely organised. When operating hazardous chemicals, please follow the code of practice or follow the teacher’s operating procedures or conduct experiments; do not change the experimental procedures yourself.

Dress code for entering the laboratory.

All staff entering the laboratory must wear protective garments in order to protect their skin and clothing from chemical contamination. All visitors are not permitted to wear sandals or slippers, and chemical workers are not permitted to wear high heels in the laboratory. Full-mouth shoes that are flat, non-slip, synthetic, or leather should be used.

There must not be any consumables in the laboratory.

Everyone must pay attention to environmental hygiene and keep their surroundings clean. Garbage must be collected and disposed of as soon as possible. It must fulfil sanitary standards and be disposed of in approved areas. It should not be discarded and accumulated haphazardly in order to pollute the environment. To avoid fire or danger to human health, any hazardous or flammable wastes should be handled with care.

It is very critical and important to know all of these precautions, to avoid dangerous things that endanger your own life or the lives of others. If your lab is looking for a trusted and certified supplier for lab types of equipment, you can visit MyLab as they provide lab fume hood Malaysia

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