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Is It Safe to Have Rough Sex?

“I like it hard,” is one of the most thrilling yet terrifying words ever written. Rough sex sounds terrifying, and it is, especially for beginners. So the first thing to remember is that it’s critical to clarify what hard sex isn’t. This article is about two consenting adults having sex. Remember that consent is meant to be a two-way street. If all participants aren’t entirely, even enthusiastically, consenting, it’s not rough sex. That is assault, and it is a serious crime. By the way, go visit the Secret Cherry website to buy the best sex toys in Malaysia.

Say it with me again: rough sex is intended to be done with consent; if there isn’t any, it’s a form of sexual assault.

Rough sex is difficult to define since it involves a wide range of behaviours, including rough kissing and BDSM (Bondage-Discipline, Dominance-Submission, Sadism-Masochism) elements. A sex act may be regarded as rough by one person but not by another. It could include some quirks and fetish along the way.

Rough sex is a term used to describe sexual activity that includes some form of aggression. There is frequently some pleasant pain as well as rapid and strong movement involved.

Rough Sex has the following synonyms: 

  • Harsh Sex 
  • Passionate Sex
  • Kinky sex 
  • Hardcore sex
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Is It Normal To Have Fantasies About It?

Rough sex is a natural and popular desire. Many people have BDSM fantasies or have participated in some form of BDSM play. A poll of over 700 young people found the incidence of rough sex.

More than half of those questioned acknowledged to engaging in rough sex.

Is it safe for my partner and me?

Consensual rough sex does not usually result in violence or injury.

How To Have A Harsh Sex Experience That Isn’t Harsh

If you’re new to rough sex, let’s start with scratching and biting. Scratching is a familiar sensation for most individuals, and gentle biting is a step up from there. You can always increase the force with which you scrape and bite down, depending on your partner’s expectations and necessities.

Despite the fact that harsh sex is represented in advertisements and films, it is still considered edgy or taboo. As a result, it may be awkward to communicate your desire for it. Remember that your desire for rough sex (or the idea of it) isn’t strange or wrong—a lot of other people share your desire. Try not to judge yourself, don’t feel bad about expressing your desires, and don’t believe your partner will reject you because you’re insane. 

Begin with something you’ve done before and enjoyed, such as being held down during sex or having your hair yanked by your lover during a blowout.

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