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Tips to Protect Your Technology

We are growing more and more reliant on technology. However, while we become reliant on it, there is the greater threat of malware and other notorious variants that may attempt to steal your data or modify it. Down below are a few tips to help you protect your software and hardware. These four simple actions could assist keep your technology and information as secure as possible

1.     Install anti-viruses and firewalls

There are a lot of bugs that come on the internet and through other hardware that you may not realise. The process of downloading information off a website places your computer or phone at risk of downloading viruses unknowingly. The best way to protect your laptop in this instance is to install anti-viruses and firewalls which will safeguard your property. Firewalls act as an extra safeguard against any malicious activity on the internet. Scanning your downloaded item before installing can also reduce the risk of you mistakenly installing a malicious application.

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2.     Backup your information

In the unfortunate case that your technology is compromised by viral activity, it would be best to have an offsite copy or storage of your laptop data. Data backup solution Malaysia provides a means of storing all your information online in a safe, secure space and a thorough verification process if you want to access it from a new device. Another option is to copy crucial documents and information onto an external hard drive or a USB stick. 

3.     Stay away from suspicious emails and links

Sometimes we get curious about a link that has been sent to us, and without thinking we open malicious links that introduce malware. Email services offer the option to move emails that they deem dangerous to the Spam account, but some emails manage to get through to our inboxes. Some information comes in the form of funny videos or images, but once you click on them, they can corrupt your devices.

4.     Consider installing ad-blockers

Ad-blockers are a simple software that reads the website before allowing it to be opened. They provide a crucial in-between for  you, the user, and any incoming traffic from the internet. Internet ads are tedious and disruptive and often showcase meaningless information, but an accidental click on the ad can result in the corruption of your device. Many laptops come with built-in ad-blocker options, but you can also purchase a stronger one if you still have troubles with windows opening up all the time without your permission or action.

5.    Strengthen Passwords and accounts

Having strong passcodes is also one advantage if you have several important accounts on your device. A strong password with a verification system can make certain information only accessible to you and prevent it ending up in the hands of hackers and identity thieves.

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