Medical Assisting Picture 1 - Medical assistant - Medical assistant profession

Medical assistant – Medical assistant profession

Medical assistant, do you know this job? This has just been created to free up consultation time for doctors, who are often too overworked. Even with our advanced technology nowadays, doctors still need human assistance, hence, medical assistant. Four thousand medical assistants will be deployed from the start of the 2019 school year. This flagship measure reform plan aims to respond to the crisis in medical demography. What is the problem? It happens to be “the retirement of numerous doctors who will be substituted only somewhat while the requirement for care upsurges. Thanks to medical assistants, more patients will be able to be treated without for as much to explode the number of working hours.

What’s the work?

The medical assistant will have to perform administrative tasks: reception of the patient, management of the file, collection and recording of medical information…

Medical Assisting Picture 3 - Medical assistant - Medical assistant profession

This will also intervene during the consultation: assistance with dressing, undressing, blood pressure, weighing patients. And will also ensure the updating of the file concerning vaccinations. It will also be a question of delivering screening kits, helping to carry out technical procedures, such as the installation of an electrocardiogram.

The medical assistant will also be in charge of organizational and coordination missions. He can thus organize an appointment with a specialist doctor or with a hospital.

What professional profile?

The function can be carried out by current nursing assistants, nurses, medical secretaries… These latter, already working for a doctor, will acquire new skills, particularly in terms of public health and IT. They will benefit from a validation of the acquired experience, then from a complementary training by alternation “.

In all cases, the medical assistant must follow specific training, the content of which, currently being defined, will be determined before the end of the year. But in order not to delay the deployment, it has been planned that the doctors can recruit medical assistants now, without prior training, by giving them the possibility of training for these new missions within two years of taking up their post. This ad hoc training will be validated by a professional qualification certificate which must be obtained within three years.

What are the qualities required to apply?

According to health insurance, the ideal medical assistant is “dynamic, discreet and able to show restraint”. He has a sense of contact and respects the regulatory framework of procedures. He masters computer tools and terms specific to the activity. It is the doctors who are responsible for recruiting their future right-hand men. Their salaries will be financed by health insurance. Check the medical assistant courses on Widad college official page where you can also find courses like business foundation Malaysia.

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