physio courses 768x384 - Existing Myths About Pilates Methods

Existing Myths About Pilates Methods

Are You Curious To Know About The Myths Of Pilates?

If you check online about healthy tips, you will find that most sites will advise us to work out regularly. Yes, this is highly recommended to maintain good health and more. But we all know that sometimes, we are only good at the beginning. This is why, it is important that you choose a method of exercising that you will really enjoy like the Pilates. 

physio courses 768x384 - Existing Myths About Pilates Methods

Yes, and you can be a part of the Pilates class in KL. You have the option to choose a private class or a home session where you can just play the video anytime you prefer and can replay it for as many times as you like. 

Pilates is known to be effective and rewarding, but still there are a number of myths that are circulating about this method.

Common Myths Of Pilates

  • This method is just the same as yoga

That is what others believe but that is not the case really. Yes, Pilates has so many similarities with yoga, but they also have a number of differences. The bottom line is, Pilates is different from yoga. 

  • The Pilates method is designed for women only

This is another misconception considering that the creator of this program is a male and is actually first designed for the armed forces as well as law enforcement. We all know that in the mentioned communities, there are more men than women. 

  • The method is too easy

Well, those who say that Pilates methods are too easy must not have tried the routines yet and only heard bits of information. This method is not too easy and of course, not too hard either. 

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The thing with Pilates is it will not just make you fit, it can also correct your posture. 

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