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The World of Steel

Apart from the ever handy carbon steel fittings Malaysia, steel as a metal is incredibly useful in our everyday lives. It’s actually one of the most commonly used materials in the household. It’s no wonder that it holds this title considering the myriad of benefits that comes with choosing it in comparison to all the other metals on the market. Let’s delve deep into the world of steel and its many uses.

What is steel?

One of the oldest mined metals in the world, steel is mostly made out of iron. It also contains carbon and other smaller elements such as silicon, sulfur and manganese. However, even though iron is the base of its composition, steel is both harder and stronger than iron.

Why choose steel?

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Since there’s so many other popular metals such as aluminum, copper, zinc and iron, why is steel the most widely used out of all of them? Its popularity can be attributed to the many positive qualities it possesses. Here are a few:

  • It’s cheaper

Steel is known to be a cheaper alternative to suppliers. As we all know, anything that allows for lower costs is immediately a big hit.

  • It’s durable

Despite being less expensive, it does not reflect on the quality of the metal in any way. Steel is known to be highly durable and flexible. So it’s cheap and of high quality? It’s a definite win.

A huge selling point for steel is that unlike its counterparts, steel is recyclable. It is also energy efficient which leads to lower emissions of carbon dioxide. 

  • It’s good for publicity

Since using steel is better for mother nature than most other metals, brands and suppliers benefit from good PR. It’s a good business tactic nowadays to market how green your business is.

The many uses of steel

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At this point, we all know that steel is a common component in household products such as carbon steel fittings malaysia. But which items in our space actually contain this magical metal? Here’s a few possible answers:

  • Cutlery and Utensils

Have you ever seen the words “stainless steel” on your kitchen utensils? You should, more than half of the items in your kitchen are made out of steel. The reason why this is is because stainless steel does not rust which makes it perfect for cutlery that must be washed each time after use.

  • Vehicles

More than half of the materials used in cars, especially the exterior, are steel. This is due to the flexible nature of the metal which is needed to shape the many different parts of a car or other vehicles. 

  • Household Appliances

Everyday appliances in our kitchens such as microwave, refrigerator, sinks and ovens are made from steel, most likely stainless steel. For the same reasons cutlery is made out of this metal, it prevents rust. It’s also easy to wipe stainless steel surfaces as it is non-porous which also prevents germs and bacteria from running rampant.
It’s good for us to take a look around and notice the many things we now enjoy due to science and its developments. Thanks to technology, we now have a super metal like steel to help make our lives easier.

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