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Important Preparation Before the Marriage

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In addition to deciding who you wish to marry and spend the rest of your life with, there are a number of essential preparations to make before getting married. Getting married is not an effortless experience. Before proceeding to a more serious level with your partner, you must have your own considerations and answers. What should you consider and decide prior to getting married?

1. Know yourself first prior to marriage

Understanding your weaknesses and strengths is the initial step in preparing for marriage. Marriage is not always lovely and simple. Before addressing marital issues, you must first understand yourself. This is useful if there is a problem with your partner in the future, as you will know what principles to apply to resolve the issue.

Knowing and loving yourself can also help you get through the difficult times you will experience with your partner in the home. Knowing and loving oneself prior to marriage can make it easier to love and accept one’s partner as a lifelong partner.

2. Prepare to share time with family and friends

Many individuals believe that after marriage, We should spend more time with our spouse. Many also admit that, after marriage, they feel even further removed from their family and friends. If so, you must convince yourself prior to marriage that marriage is not a time for forgetting parents and friends.

In fact, spending time with other people after marriage can strengthen your relationship with your spouse. After conversing with friends or parents, you can add domestic experience or knowledge. This will increase intimacy and allow you to make up for the quality of your relationship that was previously lacking when you were with friends and family.

3. Consider financial issues and the division of household duties.

Prior to entering into a marriage, you should consider and discuss the division of household and wage-earning responsibilities. Try being open with your spouse about finances and duties that must be completed after marriage. For instance, who pays for electricity, who is responsible for laundry, and who prepares meals? Don’t forget to discuss additional financial topics, including emergency budget concerns and others. Because this is one of the issues that frequently arise in marriages. Looking for high annual coverage insurance policy malaysia.

In addition, you and your partner can create a budget to determine how much of the costs must be shared as well as individual costs. It is important to discuss finances and household responsibilities prior to marriage so that you and your partner can fulfil each other’s responsibilities without a heated argument.

4. Preparation before marriage to face conflict

Marriage involves two individuals, so it is likely that you and your spouse will hold divergent opinions when you are together in the future. You must be prepared to fight or disagree with your partner in the future. Problems that arise during the courtship may also resurface after the wedding.

Before getting married, you and your partner should therefore discuss what boundaries must be observed. For instance, can you be alone to clear your mind after a fight, or should it be resolved immediately? This can be a method for preventing fights and respecting one another’s partners.

5. Child problems

Every couple should have a marriage-related objective. Some couples have no intention of having children. This is one of the most important things to discuss and consider before getting married.

If you want to have a child, you must decide when you want to become pregnant, plan a pregnancy program, live a healthy lifestyle, and prepare for the future costs of the child. If not, you and your spouse should determine what vision and mission will be pursued until old age.

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