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Roofers: Make The Right Choice!

Are you considering work on the roof of your new place? You still have to find a roofer who can help you! There are a lot of professionals on the market how do you choose the right one? Here are some tips that may help you with your choice. Before turning to a professional, ask yourself the right questions about your renovation project. This will allow you to target the type of specialist you are looking for.


Find out about the experience acquired by your specialist. Do not hesitate to ask him for examples of his previous achievements.

Has he built any roofs in the area?

Can you see some photos?

How long has he been practicing his profession?

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Qualifications and specializations

Does the specialist have a diploma in this area? Does he specialize in a particular field? Some roofers specialize in waterproofing or insulating roofs. This can be very useful to you if you are planning such work for your home, in addition to the repair of your roof.

Professional competence

Setting up as a self-employed person is regulated in Malaysia. The person who wishes to create his roofing activity must therefore meet the requirements for access to the profession.

Here are tips to make sure you choose the right roofer:

Compare the prices: in life, you can never be stingy enough! Each roofer will offer you its own roof covering rates. The ideal is to ask everyone to give you a quote so that you can compare the prices they are offering you. Beware, however, of a metal roof expert at prices much lower than those on the market: this is necessarily hiding something!

Detail the quotes: a roofer’s quote will always be very useful in your choice. Only choose a roofer who will have offered you a clear, serious and professional quote. If the estimate was written in a hurry and without details, chances are that your roofer is not serious or rigorous!

Ask questions: When you first meet a roofer, don’t be stingy with questions. This will be an opportunity to put out your doubts about the progress of the work, but also to test the craftsmanship and seriousness of the craftsman. If your roofer seems annoyed by your questions or seems hesitant when answering, call someone else!

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