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What Your Favourite Colour Says About You

Everyone has a favourite colour, right? Be it a colour they casually like or a colour that they incorporate into everything they use. What I mean by that is some people are just, “Oh, yeah I like black” and then some other people can be, “I love black because it’s the colour of my soul”. See the difference? But either way, how much you like the colour is never a problem at all. But did you know that the colour you like can say a lot about you as a person? It certainly does! 

This is because our brain reacts differently every time we see a different colour. Some colours might make you sad, some might relax you and some would just make you happy. The one that fills you up with happiness would be your favourite colour. Now, let me explain to you what your favourite colour might say about you. But remember, this is not at all something that determines who you are as a person. The same goes for horoscopes too, take what resonates and leave what does not. 


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For a lot of people, black is simply a colour that goes with everything. That is one of the most typical reasons that black would be a person’s favourite colour. Typically, black would mean depression in a clinical sense. However, this does not apply to every single person who likes the colour black. Liking this colour could mean that you are a very organized person. You like things to be in order and you like to keep your life on the down-low. You don’t click well with authority and you like to live your life your own way. 


People who like purple often incorporate purple into everything they wear or own. For instance, they’d wear at least one item of purple or they’d get purple pencil cases and books. Maybe they’d even paint their room or house purple. Speaking of which, side tip, you can use methyl cellulose Malaysia in your paint to get it smoother. That aside, people who like purple are often glowing with charisma. You’re like a ball of happiness that affects everyone else around you as well, similar to people who like the colour yellow. Both purple and yellow are typically considered happy colours, especially shades like lilac purple and lemon yellow. 


Firstly, a fun fact, only two per cent of the people in the world have green eyes. Moving along, a person who likes green is normally someone who loves nature. Colours like green, blue or brown usually have somewhat of a strong connection with nature. You strive for balance and you are quite the chill person, rarely getting into quarrels or petty fights because you dislike it. Most of the time, you don’t even cause any arguments because you’re just that type of person.


Two words; powerful energy. Yes, if you’re a person who likes the colour red, you’d typically exude dominance or power and you’d tend to take risks. Red is a bold colour that reflects how outgoing you are. You typically would not stay quiet about how you feel and you tend to be very controlling of your own emotions. 

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