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How To Use Handcuffs In Your Sexual Games

Raise your hands who ever have had the imaginary of handcuffing their spouse or being handcuffed! Certainly, including bondage handcuffs at the time of sex use to be one of the most recurrent fantasies by couples of all classes. And it is normal, because it is a very available toy, with designs for all the tastes and that also offers a lot of play when it comes to re-forming fantasies and role-playing games along with masks and harnesses.

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For Your Experience With Wives To Be A Success, Here Are Some Tips:

How To Include Handcuffs During Sex

Before You Start: Consent

Just in case it is still not clear to any of them, there is no sex if there is no consent and absolutely everything that is practiced at the time of sexual play has to be agreed by both in advance. With sexual practices that involve immobilization of some kind, this part is even more important than normal , because one of you will lose some of your ability to stop the other if at any time you feel uncomfortable or are having a hard time.

Choose Some Handcuffs That Suit You

You can buy handcuffs from best sex shops near me in malaysia in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There are classic ones, covered with plush or soft imitation fur. The handcuffs you choose will depend on what is most important to you: that the handcuffs are comfortable above all else or that they adapt to the fantasy you have in mind.

If this is the first time you use them, expert recommendation is that you buy some with some padding and that have a security opening. The padding will make you feel more comfortable and the security opening will give you confidence if at any time you want to remove them without depending on the key or your partner.

Feed The Fantasy

The erotic game begins with the preliminaries. You don’t need to create a full rpg if you don’t feel like it, but don’t just take the handcuffs out of the drawer and you’re done. You can do a sexy dance, play at trying to steal each other’s handcuffs or, if they have stuffed or feather padding, caress each other with them.

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