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Signs that You will Become a Hotshot Photographer

Signs that You will Become a Hotshot Photographer
Though you might have a college degree now, though you spend a good 4 years to get that particular diploma, there is a good chance you are also good in other things and such things might also be worth pursuing. So, while you are still tied to the continuation of your degree, you might want to consider these “other” things like becoming a photographer for example! As you can see, there is a lot of money in this industry, especially that people are into documentation these days, what’s with the trending social media sharing. Yes, most of them simply use their cameras and hardly hire a professional photographer, but that is not the case when it comes to special events like weddings, anniversaries, corporate events and so on.
But how will you know if photography is for you? If you have doubts that you might just be wasting your time and efforts, check out below this checklist to help you decide if photography is worth pursuing:
• You are fully aware that it is not the camera that produces a good image but the owner of the hands who clicks it. Yes, even if you have the best camera like it is the latest and the most expensive, if you have no basics when it comes to photography, your pictures will be so-so. It will never be good enough and it will no pass in the professional standards.
• Before pressing the shutter, you are in a habit of checking the edge of the frame. You usually make sure that nothing annoying will be captured. This is your usual way when taking pictures as you also don’t like unexpected photobombers whether that is breathing or not!
• It is your practice to keep your taken pictures. In fact, you usually have them backed up online and offline. You just love checking out what you have captured that you don’t want to lose them, like even the bad shots.
• You always check for dust and grimes on the lens of your phone. You know very well that if you don’t, it would be like taking pictures of sandstorm.
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• You are walking with your feet firmly fixed on the floor. You accept the fact that you will never become the best and that there is always someone better than you. At the same time, you are also aware that there is no perfect pictures. It means you can always get a better one. You don’t compare yourself but instead, you try to compare what you can do with what you did before.
• You always make sure that you have something on your list to focus on. yes, like today you will focus on capturing still things and maybe the next day will be moving ones. This should motivate you to go out and have an adventure and find everything exciting.
• You admit that the light can help a great deal in getting that great shot. After all, God-gift nature has a direction and quality. Even the artificial ones for that matter. Your goal should be is to capture that at the right moment.
• When it comes to digital images, you are aware that they need proper editing. As a matter of fact, you will not be the one doing the task but the camera itself.
• You are aware that nothing can go right all the time. Yes, photography is a compromise and you know that very well. You will never have that perfect subject or perfect camera. So, while pursuing this dream, you have to also enjoy yourself.
Yes, you might have this inkling that you really like to become a photographer. In fact, you are almost shore about it. But the problem is, how can you be one? And why should interest yourself with photography? Check this out:
1. Hone your skills!
You don’t need to be so buried in the thought that you have to become a perfect photographer as there no such thing! Instead, you can just hone your photography skills every time you have to chance and in a good way. It means that you should enjoy the process. After all, this professional is meant to be enjoyed with. That is the only way that you can become passionate about this.
2. Take the habit of noticing every little detail’
Noticing how things differ from each other is the difference between an amateur and a professional photographer. Yes, both shirts might be just red for others, but in the eyes of the photographer, there is a good difference and he can capture that though this camera. You will surely find it hard to see completely similar things unless they are manufactured at the same time.
3. Appreciate the beauty around you
The moment you know the difference even of the smallest things, that is also the time when you can appreciate simple things like a flower, a perfect weather or even a not-so-perfect one! You seem to right away think of your camera every time you see a good view like a sunset and so on.
4. Live for today
This can make you feel that living in the present is actually great. While others are always contemplating how they fare in the future thus, their goal is always for the future, that is not the case with the photographers. You will appreciate today, and you love everything about you. If only you can capture everything, you will surely wish for that!
5. Forget troubles
The thing with photography is you will become too immersed with it without really planning to. You just simply get lost in the activity that you will even forget the time, and most of all, your worries. You love to look for amazing subjects and at the same time, you also love to click and click and check the result. With the advent of digital cameras, what you only need to worry is your storage.
6. Share your talent to someone special
If you think you have it, you should share it with someone special who will be happy for you! Like for example if your parents are about to celebrate their anniversary, you can cover the event. You will not only make your parents happy, at the same time, you will also be able to advertise yourself. This is just a subtle way as well in announcing to everyone present that you are in this industry. You can even give them a taste of your talent by giving them some of the pics. You can also post them in your social media account and tag the subjects.
7. Document your own family
Do your have your own family? Do you have kids? For sure you want to see them grow and you want to shout out to the entire globe how adorable they are! You can capture happy moments every now and then and post them in your Facebook. You can also make a portrait in each of them as they will be perfect as wall decorations. Just imagine, you don’t even need to pay someone for this anymore!
8. Rewarding outlet
Once you get stressed, which I am pretty sure quite often if you are a head of the family, you certainly need an outlet to de-stress. While others resort to gambling or drinking, you can choose a more rewarding one like capturing heartwarming subjects. That is right! You can look around you and find a subject that greatly interests you like your kids maybe, or your pet or even your wife for that matter. You can even work with something candid so that she will be surprised once you framed it. Come to think of it, this can even become a gift on her special day!
9. A challenge
Yes, a lot of people think that photography can be taken by anybody who can afford a camera or who ahs a smartphone for that matter. However, that is definitely not the case. It takes more than just clicking the phone’s camera button. You have to be more knowledgeable than that if you want to get the best results. In fact, if you want to be a pro someday, you should take this as a challenge. Yes, practice makes perfect, but you also need to learn about the basics in photography which you can easily find the right information online.
10. Express yourself
As mentioned above, photographers see things differently. Thus, it goes without saying that your perspective will be different from others. This is your chance to express yourself and share it to your network. You don’t need to keep things to yourself just because you are usually a loner, or you simply don’t want to be with people. Note that no man is an island. You also have to blend with other people and you can start by sharing to them how you look the world through your pictures.
11. Tell a story
Do you love telling stories to your kids? Do you have a way with words so that boring stories can become interesting? If you are not good with words, maybe that is not the case when it comes to your camera. Yes, you can tell the story with your pictures. This should be a more interesting manner.
Yes, becoming a photographer is quite interesting and an even lucrative profession. If you know how to use your talent, or if you are passionate in becoming a pro in this industry, you should become one of the elites. But the first step is to determine if this profession is really for you.

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