images 5 - The Reason Why I Don’t Eat Lamb Beef  and Mutton

The Reason Why I Don’t Eat Lamb Beef and Mutton

Lamb, Beef, and Mutton

I know this sounds weird for a person who enjoys eating chicken and seafood so much but cannot stand to eat meat even just one bite.

I am maybe one of the people on this planet who is not a vegetarian, yet disliked eating beef, mutton, and lamb so much. In fact, for my whole life, I just tasted the lamb, and mutton once and I ended up throwing up everything I have eaten at that time. Thankfully, I still can bear eating the beef, even though the struggle of swallowing the food is only God will know.

I know this may sound not trustworthy, but, every time I smell beef, mutton, or lamb cooked, I always have the urge to throw up. Those who were reading this may be thinking I was picky food. No people, I am not a picky food person, it is I don’t like eating meat and did not mind if beef, mutton, or lamb exist or not.

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My worst experience with meat could be when I ordered the wrong hamburger from the McDonald. I still remember that the burger ended up in the trash can after three bites. When I told my friend this story, they seem shocked and cannot believe that I throw the hamburger away.

But what can I do? I am not lying about it. Thankfully, even though I did not enjoy eating meat that much, I love eating poultry. I know what I write above is something not many could relate, but I believe I am not the only person who has this kind of struggle in food.

For the last time, those who have the same struggle as me, it is alright. For those who never eat beef, mutton, and lamb and wants to experience the taste of it, you can try halal meat singapore. They provide one of the finest meats.

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