Types of Internet Connection And Brief Introduction to Each

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The internet connection is not limited to only one type, but there are actually many types of them. We have cable internet, fibre-optic internet and many more. Oh, if anyone is looking for a Time fibre package, you should go for it. Why? The reason will be explained further in this post. You might get confused in choosing the suitable one for your house or business. This is because some internet connections might not have the coverage in your area, hence why you need to be aware of this before choosing one. 

Fibre-optic Internet

Fibre-optic internet or known as fibre internet is one of the most famous types of internet connection that is currently available worldwide. It is one of the fastest internet connections and becomes a top choice among users. As the name suggests, fibre internet uses thin glass or plastic fibre for the cable. It is a broadband connection and is able to reach up to 940 Mbps of speed. The speed can reach 20 times even faster than the commonly used cable. The only disadvantage of fibre internet is it is limited. There are not many areas that can be covered for this type of internet. 

5G Mobile Internet

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Everyone might have heard of this. The best mobile internet you can have! The rise of 5G internet lately has been a hot topic everywhere, especially on social media. Usually, you would see LTE as the fastest one that you can reach. But not anymore with the existence of 5G internet. If you live in a big city, you would most likely be able to enjoy the experience without being interrupted. However, for those who live in rural areas, it might be quite difficult for them. Plus, some smartphones still cannot support 5G, especially the older designs. 

Cable Internet

This type of internet might be the one most of us are using right now. You might be reading this post using one. Unlike the fibre internet, cable internet is more accessible. It can be covered in so many areas and almost everyone might have this in their office or household. Although it lacks fast speed connection than fibre internet, most people are still choosing it due to the availability and the cost. It is cheaper than the others and easy to manage.

Choosing the Perfect One

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Here comes the real question. Which one should you go for? Well, if you are living in a big city and can afford to live there, you should go with fibre internet. Not only does it provides you with numerous benefits, but it would also ensure your connection and it is known to be very secure too. However, if you live somewhere that is out of fibre internet reach, you can go for the cable internet. It is very commonly used and you can go to the nearest centre to get it installed at your home. So basically that’s it. It all depends on the location of your house or premise and the availability of the internet connection.

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